Digital wayfinding solution DIRECTORIX™ — a powerful navigation instrument for public buildings such as shopping malls, exhibition centers, airports, train stations, libraries etc.

Quick location search, multilevel interactive map, special offers, gift-guide, event information, calendars, and other useful features...

DIRECTORIX™ attracts and helps to answer constant visitors' questions on how, where, and what. It positively affects visitors loyalty and helps to work with the tenants.

For administrators

  • New revenue stream generator
  • New service for tenants
  • Loyalty increase

For tenants

  • Direct and context advertisement
  • Effective promotion
  • Increase customer traffic

For visitors

  • Quick search for a location
  • Easy to navigate
  • Up-to-date information about special offers and events

In addition to basic functional modules, any custom functionality is available by your request.

Want to know which advantages will be available for your company? Just ask us right now!

"Navigational kiosk Directorix™ was purchased for the sake of creating an image of a modern, fashionable and high-tech commercial complex. In this aspect the kiosk fulfilled its task ideally!"

Andrey Kuzmenko, Director, Shopping mall "Modniy Boulevard", Belgorod, Russia.

the Directorix way-finding for VEGAS shopping mall Russia
Directorix at Integrated Systems Europe 2010
the Directorix video
the Directorix papers