Interactive navigation for "Modny Boulevard" shopping center

Objective: To establish the best system for interactive navigation, impress visitors and surprise competitors.

In 2009 in Belgorod (Russia) a new shopping and entertainment center "Modny Boulevard" has been opened. Despite the relatively small size of the shopping center, the administration decided to implement the most advanced interactive navigation system Directorix™.

Interactive navigation for Modniy Boulvard

Interactive navigation for Modniy Boulvard

The information about tenants were gathered within a few weeks. When "Modniy Boulevard" opened its doors to visitors for the first time, the interactive navigator Directorix ™ appeared extremely helpful and efficient.

It should be emphasized that ...

Even in a small shopping center the interactive navigator Directorix™ immediately drew the attention of tenants and gained popularity among visitors.

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"Navigational kiosk Directorix™ was purchased for the sake of creating an image of a modern, fashionable and high-tech commercial complex. In this aspect the kiosk fulfilled its task ideally!"

Andrey Kuzmenko, Director, Shopping mall "Modniy Boulevard", Belgorod, Russia.

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